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About Us

Over 30 years of advertising experience


From Annapolis, Maryland, the capital of pleasant living, Bay Display directs and coordinates all company functions; including:

  • Network development and location relations

  • Information Center design, construction, installation and maintenance

  • Advertising design, production and placement

  • Contract relations

  • Customer service and all other administrative functions

Bay Display Activity and Information Centers

Bay Display's hand crafted Activity and Information Centers are designed and produced to complement the decor of each facility where they are placed.  Qualifying facilities can select solid oak in a variety of natural finishes.  All Activity and Information Centers are glass covered and mounted in high-traffic areas of the facility. Bay Display Activity and Information Centers provide an organized and very attractive vehicle for sharing current information about the facility, its products, services and scheduled activities, with members and patrons.


A Respected and Valuable Advertising Service

Each Bay Display Activity and Information Center includes space for selected local businesses to present their products and services to the public.  Only advertisers who are recommended or approved by facility management and/or members will be featured on the display.

Advertising on Bay Display Activity and Information Centers is a very cost effective and well targeted promotional tool for local and regional businesses.  Large, full color display ads are produced and posted for an entire year where they are seen daily by very desirable, upscale consumers who live, work, play and shop in the local vicinity.  This is truly effective, local advertising.  Regional promotion can be accomplished by placing ads at multiple Bay Display locations.

This is a unique and very cost effective advertising opportunity for local merchants and service providers.  It is available to a limited number of advertisers at each display location.


A Solid Company With a Commitment to Service

At Bay Display, we are proud of what we do and the services we provide.  We have built a solid reputation for quality, cost-effectiveness and unparalleled customer service.
We are also proud of our history of helping local merchants and service providers promote their businesses with the most unique and cost effective advertising opportunity available any where.

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